Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.

realest sign I’ve seen in awhile
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valery kaufman by hedi slimane for saint laurent fw 14/15
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Lorde plus Diplo…coolest remix ever?
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I hope you enjoy having me

With as much intensity as you wanted me
When you thought I would never be yours, I hope I live up to your
Fantasies of us

Royal Albert hall February 18th 1969 rehearsals.
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my bf’s house has become the epicenter of making everything delicious. among the many things we whip up, our favourites seem to be truffle fries, homemade kombucha, and amazing edibles (yes the special kind!) like funfetti cupcakes, brownies, cookies, even cream cheese icing! cooking on my spare time has never been so fun :)

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Tryin to steal my stash
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